Marijuana is just not a word but intense emotion. More like passion. Marijuana consumer is often pictured as lazy, Stone cold and an individual who is restricted to see the brighter side of life but through this blog, you will see the other side of the picture which has portrayed marijuana consumer as passionate, uplifted and full of life. Through this informative guide, you will get to know about hilarious ways of consuming weed, Unreal benefits and myths related to cannabis culture.


Just in your daily life you end up emptying your pockets in order to keep up with stereotype stuff and yet ought not to feel satisfy then what’s the use of even investing on such boring stuff? Invest your $ in marijuana because the herb has got some real power to transform you from going to bed with anxiety, depression and trust issues to going to bed motivated, Energized and uplifted. We believe life is too short to spend your money on boring stuff so god has introduced a wide range of cannabis products here available on Home bamboo forest for you to see the euphoric side of life. Products available at bamboo forest are definitely worth your money ranging from amazing delicious Edibles to intense marijuana strains here are hot picks you’ve been craving for.


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Marijuana has bought people together belonging to different states yet sharing the same love for cannabis.  It helps people get over from social anxiety, Heal from fear of missing out and most important it does wonders to those who had put social barriers in front of them. We have noticed that most of our consumers had serious issues with personality disorders and they preferred to social black out but their life had completely changed till they found us and bought us in their homes.   




One of the best blessings is to explore yourself. You can craft yourself the best only when you’re at upmost stage of peace by not getting disturbed from anything in your surroundings. One can only utter to such level of calmness when you’re on marijuana. Weed allows you to know your inner self better. It helps you to maintain a nice balance between your toxic thoughts and broken desires. It makes you numb inside while setting yourself on fire to explore your inner strength. Bamboo forest Home has made it easy for you to enjoy vividly on the journey of finding yourself.


World is transforming fast so does marijuana! And bamboo forest is a befitting example for that. In this fast steady world where everyone is busy adapting something new how can we tire you with bore old cannabis stuff? We have introduced enormous ways of consuming marijuana by introducing bliss edibles in form of Mary’s Edibles gummies, Dames Gummy, Candies, High authentically rare explosive strains, Herbs and different mix and matches. Netizens are eager to consume marijuana in most surprising ways stay tune with us for “Marijuana canipee “blog that is soon coming your way.


We are sad over the fact that cannabis is still illegal in some countries but we know the reason why they say cannabis is injurious to health because they don’t want to put an end to pharmaceutical industry although marijuana is proven to be the perfect cure of diseases its extracts are used in medicines in the form of THC Tinctures, CBD serum, CBD tablets and CBD pain relief gel and much more. Weed has many benefits in health by keeping up well with both neurons and receptors. Marijuana strains are use to cure many personality disorders. Here we are listing some of the marijuana strains that have an important role in maintaining cordial health.

·        Girl Scout Cookie :Its high ecstasy level of 20-27% average THC level enable it to be the best cure for diseases like chronic pain, insomnia, chronic stress, depression and appetite loss or nausea.

·       Cali Kush: The herb has many medical benefits, it is crafted especially for the ones who finds difficult in completing a task or crashing an opportunity. It builds self confidence, self motivation. It helps in getting a good sleep and fight against eating disorders.

·      Craft Top Shelf Death Bubba : As dead chilling as it is from consuming as beneficial it is from consuming. Death bubba helps consumers to fight against common chronic pain. It helps consumers to have stable mental health and helps them to have positive mindset after waking up. The most beneficiary feature of this product is it helps in muscle joints pain.  

·       Clementine :It is best known for curing headaches, Anxiety and panic attacks. People consume it to overcome from burden they are carrying from ages. This strain has proven to be the best cure for depression. People around the globe have voted this strain to be at number one and we are glad that we are having this strain at our website at affordable rates and easy delivery.

·        Craft Top Shelf OG Kush : It has the audacity to cure mental health in the most relaxing way without causing a burden on receptors. It helps in maintaining the perfect balance between heart and mind by providing an uplifting feeling that pulls depression apart. It helps to cure bipolar disorder, Anxiety and eating disorders.


Apart from being beneficial for personality disorders, Marijuana has proven to be the best therapy for skin care routine by introducing a wide range of beauty products which mainly includes CBD oil, CBD serum, CBD sun block and CBD edible Chap Stick. The world has no idea about how useful marijuana is for external and internal uses of body. Marijuana extracts have magical properties that heals the dead skin of the body regardless of aging and wrinkles it makes the skin looks perfect , radiant and subtle  and this quality of marijuana makes it rare moreover you can get a lot of benefits from weed without smoking it .

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