Warning : The images used below can trigger your hidden midnight cravings and the recipes crafted by us for you are the gift from Nature’s mother .


Weed and chocolates are the divine combinations formed in heaven

people do get tired from consuming weed in old ancient ways but if Bob Marley was alive today he would’ve worshiped weed today more as in previous times and being extra grateful to for bestowing us with an amazing weed range to buy online that includes Belgium chocolates, Cannabis Edible gummies, Dames dried mushrooms, CBD Tinctures, Shatter and much to mix and invent new recipes. ni this informative piece of gem we will discuss petrifying yet adorable DIY marijuana meals that your tastebuds are craving. Weed and chocolates are the deadliest pairing one should consume to stay high for a length of time according to chocolate and weed together can explode your tastebuds and sets you on fire while keeping you grounded.

grab 200mg of Clementine wash it and dry pat in tissue paper after some time grind it with your palm and make sure you get a powdery blend of strain, Add a few drops of lemon to remove the intense smell from it. Now add dark molten chocolate in a mug, add a few drops of condensed milk, add half a teaspoon of cocoa powder and add one teaspoon of icing sugar mix it well. Now grab a mixture of Clementine in the center of your palm form a sphere and coat it with chocolate. Put the final product in molds and refrigerate it for 2 hours. For garnishing, You can sprinkle lavish buds of the same strain and have this delicious delight when you want to have a sweet sleep whirling on the tips of your lips all day long.


Herb has a healing power and much elaxing when its Weed” .

CBD oils are ruling over charts in marketplaces because of the enormous benefits they have. CBD oil removes freckles on skill penetrating deep down in the dermis making skin soft and glowing. CBD oils are very utilitarian when it comes to treating Chronic pain, Depression, schizophrenia, and lack of memory. It helps to maintain the perfect balance between a healthy body and a peaceful mental state by numbing affected parts. One of the leading health journal websites has nominated CBD as one of the best cures for chronic diseases

To have this amazing oil in your wardrobe follow our informative guide. You can add any strain of your choice but we would suggest you buy OG Kush from our website because OG Kush is rich in THC value and inhibits high frequency when added to any mixture. Many new crafted strains that you see in cannabis dispensaries transpire from a single strain of OG Kush. Once you have strainers of strain in your kitchen you can add any oil of your finest but we would suggest experimenting with coconut oil or olive oil. Wash OG kush buds finely, dry pat it then grinds it in fine powder mix it with coconut oil keep the mixture in sunlight for a day or two then filter the oil through a filter paper. The left residue of strains will come out perfectly and you will be having your divine CBD oil with you to kick off your spa sessions.


“If the divine is hard to take, drink it “

You must have been shocked to know marijuana can exist in delicious slush as well. This drink can be the sole center attraction of your table at a marijuana party where you would want to impress your friends with different ways of consuming weed that is delicious yet idiosyncratic.

we have a range of tropical flavors displayed nicely on our website you can choose any strain tasting of fruit to bloom your gut. We would suggest you choose between juicy of all Huckleberry Soda Quads or Cali Kush strain. Both of them are known for their versatility in exploding bombs of fruits while consuming. They inhibit great flavors and smells godly. After grabbing the prescribed strain you can simply blend it with ice and mint but keep this in mind for amazingly delicious results you have to add elements that can stand out. Don’t forget to add Dames Gummy Co Pina Colada and Bliss Edible Tropical Assorted for a perfect party drink to impress your friends at the table.


” When life gives you lemon marinate it with marijuana “

The most common flavor found in strains is definitely lemon and citrus. According to informative guide, It is obvious to assume that lemon tea is famously known to prevent acidity in organs, Prevent chronic diseases, and helps to maintain weight by cutting excess fats.

In order to get benefits from weed lemon tea, you have to add half a liter of boiling water, Add Clementine for lemon euphoric ecstasy, Add brown sugar for a delicate sweet taste. At last, Add a few drops of lemon along with a few leaves of mint to add extra spice. You have your clemint lemon tea on the go.


” Mirror! Mirror! on the wall, cannabutter is delicious of them all”

Dairy has many benefits to get you rolled on the floor especially when your heart screaming for marijuana butter spread. As described thoroughly in butter has way more benefits than you had ever imagined. Butter helps in preventing doot decay, It helps to maintain a healthy metabolism, It helps to fight against obesity, It helps to have shiny and luscious hair but what will mark you with wild enthusiasm is to be intimated with the term “Cannabutter “. Cannabutter is basically butter infused with cannabis or cannabis-infused with butter. Marijuana helps to lose weight faster and when it’s infused with butter it acts as a double booster for your weight loss journey.

Next time you refrigerate your milk save your cream for making butter. Once you will have an adequate amount of cream whisk it with a whisker and add half a teaspoon of yogurt whisk it again for some minutes and put this mixture to boil for an hour or two. You will see layers of oil on the surface. Here’s come the recipe game-changer add Animal Cookies Quads strain and bring it to boil for almost 15 minutes and at last extract the oil from the mixture and refrigerate it. You will get healthy cannabis-infused butter at home.


” So meaty- cannabis that you’ll go crazy “

One doesn’t go crazy after burgers don’t belong to this world. According to Hamburgers are the cardinal foremost center of interest of people among the world .being a connoisseur of food it’s obvious that people go gaga over meat tenderness and marijuana euphoric effects, Its a sheer blessing when both of them comes together for an amazingly hearty meal.

In order to grace yourself with the best of both worlds, You have to simply add marijuana strains as “base coat salad that would act as first sauce placed after bun we would recommend you to use hottest of hot Death Bubba . Death bubba is the spiciest strain ever that would form a crazy combination with meat. ” Prepend meat depending on the number of marijuana cravers, and add meat seasoning in meat, Grill it on pan then prepare the other elements of your burger which may include sauces and cheese seasoning.


“Add spice to your life “

Strains are full of spice and everything nice! you will taste spice in every smoke you inhale. Chili flavor is most common in all strains and counted as the top-notching flavor of all time. There are plenty of strains that have spice elements in them but we can list a few of the spiciest strains ever here to spare you some time. according to our hottest gem Tom Ford Pink Kush is the spiciest of all strains that you see selling online. So let’s start experimenting with Tom Ford to stone your soul.

For a glass of ecstatic pleasure, Blend Tom Ford Pink Kush with black pepper and add half a pinch of pink salt, To add joy to the drink do not forget to immerse Fire Og Shatter as well.


“A cake for every cannabis party”

Cake has always been a heart to party. This hair-raising still savory delight will get you appreciation in terms of creativity. While deciding to impress people to surprise through the food we should definitely include one sweet delight which will be spine chilling for your guests and that is none other than our marijuana pancakes with white creamy sauce.

let’s get straight to bake this impressive cake. Add all-purpose flour in a bowl along with egg white and some butter whisk it till you get a smooth paste now add a fine amount of marijuana strain to get high to no end. We would recommend you to choose Blue Rhino for its amazing sweet taste. For the white sauce, add half a glass of milk along with a small scoop of butter whisk it till you mix one teaspoon of all-purpose flour in it. Garnish pancakes with hot sizzling white sauce. At last, Bless yourself with the divine meal.


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