Before you tackle your next baking project

try baking distillate for the first. it’s important to know the different options you have when it comes to

cooking and baking

with cannabis.

You can purchase your own flower . and make the perfect cannabutter at home.

Whether you share kitchen space with roommates or you’d prefer to spare your favorite cookware from a cannabutter mishap

there are a lot of advantages of it with baking

Find out more about some techniques for cooking with cannabis concentrate and

how you can make edibles with it at home.


it is a molecularly pure concentrate created through the process of distillation. In the case of cannabis specifically, the distillation process isolates cannabinoids like THC or CBD into a highly concentrated substance which can be used for a variety of purposes. 


In addition to high levels of cannabinoids, one of the reasons cannabis users are baking with distillate more and more is due to the concentrate’s versatility. Unlike cannabutter. which can often have remnants of plant matter.

One of the main reasons cannabis has such a distinct smell and even taste is due to the presence of cannabis organic flavors. When cannabis is distilled for the purpose of isolating THC, non-essential compounds like CBD and terpenes also get removed and this removes the skunky, plant-like smell and taste that is often associated with certain strains. 

Because distillate has no detectable taste and smell, it is very versatile and pairs nicely with just about anything. You can bake it into a batch of brownies or even add it to your favorite entrée for dinner. You’ll still get the therapeutic effects of THC without the distinct taste.

When baking with distillate, a lot goes a long way. Unlike cannabutter, you can use a relatively small amount of distillate in your batter and get the same effect as a recommended serving of cannabutter depending on the size of your batch of edibles. This means cooking and baking with distillate will save you trips to the distillery and could potentially save you money. 


Now, let’s get to the real reason we’re all here: how to make distillate infused edibles. Interestingly enough, the answer to this riddle is a little anticlimactic–that’s really how easy it is. Once you purchase your concentrate, it’s really as simple as adding the distillate to your edible batter and baking at a low, consistent temperature. See our breakdown for making distillate infused edibles below: 

  1. Loosen the distillate by placing the container in warm water
  2. Once the mixture looses up, measure out the amount you need
  3. Pour the distillate into your oil or melted butter
  4. Stir to ensure it is thoroughly mix into the mixture
  5. After you’ve added your distillate to your wet ingredients, add the oil to the dry ingredients in a larger bowl
  6. Combine all ingredients and pour the batter with the distillate into the baking tin and place in the oven

You can also get creative with your concentrate and stir a few drops into your frosting and spread that over your treats instead. This will keep clean up minimal, and you’ll still be able to enjoy the effects of cannabinoids in your favorite baked goods.

Making edibles with distillate is a great solution for anyone living with roommates or for the seasoned cannabis user that doesn’t happen to have any spray at hand.

The Best Cannabis lover Requires the Best Distillation Equipment

Cannabis distillation is the way of the future when it comes to cannabis products. However, the best distillates are produced with proper training and the best equipment. To find out more about cannabis distillation, be sure to explore quality Distillate from bamboo forest . net .

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